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Friday, November 21, 2014

Aloha Friday!

Swan Gord
9 x 12 x 1 1/2 Oil on Canvas
It's another Aloha Friday which means no work til Monday!  Carpe diem!  Today in the Berkshires we are expecting a high of around 25 degrees.  Doesn't that sound fun!  Bust out the woolies and furs and whatever else you have for winter gear because you are going to need it in order to enjoy this place!  So continuing on with my theme this fall of a Renaissance happening here in the Berkshires I have another poem for you which I love. This one is by Meister Eckhart titled,
To See As God Sees
It is your destiny to see as God sees,
to know as God knows,
to feel as God
How is this possible?  How?
Because Divine Love cannot defy its very self.
Divine Love will be eternally true to its own being,
and its being is giving all it can,
at the perfect
And the greatest gift
God can give is Her own experience.
Every object, every creature, every man, woman, and child
has a soul and it is the destiny of all,
to see as God sees, to know as God knows,
to feel as God feels, to Be
as God
Enjoy your day & weekend!
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